In personal finance, I believe we can set new traditions without excuses. I challenge us today to begin to unlearn, learn, and
teach different ways of building wealth to our children and ourselves. This is done simply by using the global messaging tool—
the Internet. There are no more excuses for information not being available. We have the information in the palm of our hands.
The Bible says to seek the knowledge. Now we can teach locally to prepare ourselves and our future generations to be able to
manage globally off a foundation set by us. WE ARE THE LEGACY CHANGE GENERATION, no matter what age you are now.
You are a part of the legacy change generation because there is nothing that will hold you back from learning except your own
personal restriction of allowing your mind to open. Information is everywhere.

It is my hope that for those that read this book that it begins to open a dialogue of conscientious thought on another way of
managing money. Peace be with you and your family while you build your financial foundation!

— Steven E. LaBroi