Build Your Human Equity Line of Credit(TM): The Secrets to Creating a Lifetime of Assets in ANY Economy

Build Your Human Equity Line of Credit(TM) is not just about money, but also about the strategies before making money. You must begin with the end in mind. Most people still manage money with habits they established in their youth. Either we learned from our parents or we learned on our own. We are all taught to work for money, but not how to manage it. By the time we learn the need for growing money, time has escaped us and we are into the future.

Build Your Human Equity Line of Credit(TM) is a guide to create a “Positively Selfish” position on building a financial foundation you can stand on. It may take a bit of sacrifice in learning, but as with any goal, you start off slow, address habits, and then, over time, you have a financial foundation and have developed strategies to grow your income. It will allow you to get through days, weeks, and years of life events and unforeseen circumstances during your lifetime, whether positive or negative. The goal is to create your best lifetime for you, your family, and generations to come.

Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5 | 106 pages | ISBN: 978-0-983454-4-0 | $14.95